About Us

Extraordinary results happen when ordinary people actively steward time and money wisely. The Greatest  teacher of all time, Jesus Christ, taught this principle. He told a story about 3 people stewarding his money. Two of these people were rewarded and one was not. The reward was not based on the amount of money they had, it was based on how they actively sought to grow the money he entrusted to them. The fool made financial decisions based on emotion and apathy.  The wise made financial decisions based upon acting upon a plan to grow their money. 

Ordinary people stewarding time and money through Investing in Real Estate.


I'm Shawn Derrick

Shawn is an Investor, Coach, and Co-Founder of 5 Talent Investor, LLC. He sells over a 100 homes per year, manages a dozen personal rental properties, runs a short term rental business, actively flips homes and is a pastor at his local church.

When he is not working, he thrives off of spending time making memories with his wife of 20 years and 5 crazy awesome children. If you can’t get a hold of him, you might find him hiking the Appalachian Trail as well. 


I'm Nate Johnson

Nate is an Investor, Coach, and Co-founder of 5 Talent Investor, LLC. He is CEO of a large residential sales team that sells over 200 homes per year, manages dozens of personal rental properties, runs a mid-term and short-term rental business, manages a team actively flipping homes, and raises private capital.

You will not find Nate “not working” but you will find him traveling abroad with his family, creating lasting memories with his wife of 15 years and three children.